Saturday, January 15, 2011

Properties of Time in a Dynamic Universe

On this blog, we will cover the gravity of objects in space that makes the universe dynamic. All reality, thus, is dynamic due to the three-dimensional aspects of our universe. Gravity is an essential concept. It is the force that's shared by all the planets and stars that make them move in space. Stars move less since there is less mass and therefore less gravitational pull. You also feel less gravitational pull on the moon. Since mass dictates how much gravity is felt and shared by the stars and planets, the lower frequency of gravity on less dense planets shows us that our universe has a blind spot. Space is all encompassing and thus flattens any concept of uniformity. It takes time for the planets to move on their axis or complete a revolutionary cycle. Even the sun rotates, though it takes more time due to it's composition of gases. However, the movement of the planets within the all-encompassing framework of space creates an inverse relationship with all objects in space. Gravity ultimately provides movement of the planets in a uniform way. The force is present and like a magnetic force is constant. As long as there is mass there is gravity. But in a zero-sum game such as space, the planets are reduced to inert phenomena, with no mass and no gravity, and no potential for life such as our own planet. Thus, we might be inclined to say that such entities do not exist, and if they didn't exist they would be immortal if we consider fixed properties of time. And if we should be inclined to say they do exist, we should also conclude that they cannot perish. Thus, all properties of time on earth would be fixed or relative since the existence of the stars and the planets cannot be completely validated in the midst of the enigma of space. Thus, if we are mortal beings in a vast space as independent and interdependent properties of time in a fixed world, then we are also immortal beings in a vast space as independent and interdependent properties of time in a dynamic world, such as a time before time.

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