Thursday, January 20, 2011

Immortality and Immortal Time

Let's look at the world as an immortal footprint. Life as we know it began millions and billions of years ago and still exists today in some form. Nature is all around us and is ever-changing. How did life began and will it ever end? As we exist today, we see signs of former life everywhere that tells us that many diverse lifeforms have existed before us. When we stand and look at the vast horizon and observe endless vistas that stretch out across the horizon, we sense that other life once existed, that was beautiful, diverse, majestic and strong. We can almost form an image in our mind and confirm that image when we study the historical record. These signs such as historical benchmarks that determine how we see time and understand fixed properties of time are essential to metaphysical, enlightened thinking. Since our existence depends on former life that existed and the existence of that former life depends on our existence in an ever-expanding and eternal world, than that former life that once existed and does not anymore, is immortalized. It never perished since it exists for us in a future time and we exist for it in a former time since all properties of time are eternal. Only time has passed and life has perished and the earth has aged but the earth is still young or immortal by way of its being in an eternal world. Such former life has only left its footprint in the sand or an impression in time that can fade away but is always immortal. It appears for its immortal sake and time, while it passes only ensures its immortality so while it may perish and future beings take its place, they are also immortal for the sake of their former selves. Time is unified and since it cannot leave a lasting impression, it is also fixed, thus bearing its immortal scales. Thus, while we are living so is all former life, since properties of time are fixed and do not die. We must strive for excellence, and yearn for immortality and ensure that we can transcend our lives to ensure that our immortality is sacred and forms a spiritual communion with the divine.

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