Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

Visiting Dubai

Visiting Dubai is a stoic experience. The city is a refuge for anyone who crosses a barren desert and longs for salvation and finds a world of enchantment. What have come to be known as the Emirates-a triumvirate of countries in the Arab world that have risen as a global leader in economics, industry and aviation and of course, tourism, Dubai defies the bounds of human ingenuity.  The modern skyline of Dubai is an impressive feat. A city that twinkles in the eye of anyone who craves for fertile land amidst a desert valley and reaches Dubai to be enthralled by its splendor and beauty can be likened to the plot of the Lost Horizon. It was a thrill to visit Dubai and behold its glorious claim on civilization. A truly unique city, this testament to modernity or rising new capital is a wonder akin to Babylon. A paradise or modern utopia, this glorious hub of modernity stands tall, made famous by its tallest building, the Burj Khalifa that appears in exploits of famous movie heroes like Tom Cruise, this golden chalice studded with rubies and filled with sparkling water is a King's goblet. I loved this city and its charm and affluence, the Dubai Mall that offers an endless array of shops and modern galleries, and of course, its diverse cultures and people make this city a truly memorable destination. The air is warm, and you can ride Dubai like a wave connecting to a wide array of destinations in a modern metro and interact with anyone in English and everyone is willing to help and surprisingly speaks English perfectly makes the city a perfect resort for a US traveler. A gateway to the East, Dubai is a perfect destination or holiday and it is exhilarating to a enter a world that lifts the veil like a bridegroom on a wedding night revealing the fair face of the Arab world is a mystical experience. Like some testament of a king to a forbidden love, Dubai sits like a pearl in an oyster in a vast ocean, in the middle of a wide and expansive gulf, untouched and immaculate, so that the heart yearns to return again and again to Dubai is a true mark of its splendor.