Monday, October 31, 2011

Matter, Form and Fixed Properties of Time

Let's consider form as it relates to matter as a fixed property of time.  What is form?  Matter is density that occupies form for a fixed or relative period of time until form and matter concomitantly perish or cease to exist.   Since properties of time are fixed, form and matter reasonably co-exist and cannot be divorced.  What gives matter form, thus?  Since matter cannot exist without form, what can we say comes first or is a priori?  Form enables matter to act in diverse ways.  Consider an eagle on a crag or a spider in a cave or a lion in the desert and other forms that incredibly and ultimately exist to preserve themselves.  No form is suicidal.  Does matter than produce form by itself or is form bestowed on matter an immortal knighting.  Is form simply a matter of material evolution?  From amphibians to mammals and birds and humans, matter strives to persist in the world to realize its immortal self through any and all forms.  If the world's diverse forms are simply quantifiable units of time that are fixed, do they revert to their material origin that is formless and also, consists of fixed properties.  Consider a pizza pie divided into slices that is consumed equally among a group of people.  The slices represent form as part of a whole and whence consumed as fixed units of time, represent the unity of form and matter as a measurement of time.   Can the pie be consumed as a whole without the division of forms into slices?  Yes, but the whole also represents relative values of time such as the pie divided into slices, and representing the equity of time in the universe.  Thus, form is the worship of time and its fixed properties. The pie can also be divided into diverse shapes, not only triangles but rectangles and squares with varying time values.  The form abides within the whole and transcends the whole as an immortal experience.  Thus, form represents transcendence as the freedom to act.  Form enables choices.  It is transformational but always true to its material origin.  It's like water in the form of a container but all water must flow back into the ocean from whence it came as a fixed property of time.  Thus, form enables matter to exist such as the earth, since matter is finite and no less eminent.  The form, thus is disciplinary and transcendental, spiritual and everlasting, and confines matter to worship the supernatural, co-existing and interacting and interwoven in the spiritual fabric of the universe to a perform a time-bound duty that is fixed.  Since all properties of time are fixed such as points of time, whereby all actions are relative, from through spiritual transcendence, subsumes matter to preserve eternal form that has fixed values.  Such as the earth as form, that exists as a fixed property of time that is also immortal. Formless, the earth would cease to exist, but as a value of time, takes on a form to achieve a transcendental or immortal life since time ticks away indefinitely.  An undefined planet would thus be ephemeral, a Rorschach test in the sky with no defined meaning or value.  When continents break up, it only represents a wrinkle in the brow of fixed space or a material deterioration.  Like old age, when our teeth fall out, and we can no longer chew our food or perform a fixed duty, or the utilization of form for self-preservation, do we become any less immortal or weaker in our faith.  Thus, form must die in weakness or in struggle such as a wounded animal, across a fixed journey in time, that is ultimately transcendental.  Thus, form represents an immortal life that strives for immortality; it is a struggle for a dignity to transcend a non-world or nonexistence that governs form to act in immortal ways.


Knowledge is often a three-layered cake.

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween 2011, from The Knowing Cafe.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Demon Train

The Demon Train, is a horror movie idea I had one day, while walking to the train as I've done so many times, as a commuter in New York City.  This follows the long line of recent movies such as Final Destination that have scared audiences.  The Demon Train, is a train that is taken over by a demon conductor or Satan himself, and with a proper cast, costumes and special effects can become a great Hollywood screenplay and movie.  The Demon Train passes in and out of ghostly stations, boarding unbeknownst passengers on a deafening and hellish ride that fly's off the screen with nail-biting intensity.  The passengers, a rowdy group of teens, a vacationing couple, a businessman and others are joined by sickly and ghoulish riders that harass and terrorize them. The demon train rattles along broken rails, traveling at sickening speeds, jettisoning its passengers or luggage or commuter cars, leaving a blazing and fiery trial in its wake.  The high-speed destruction is interspersed by long periods of calm that adds a creeping sense of danger and suspense as demonic stewards and ticket agents rouse the passengers with their gory references and cryptic dialogue.  Overhead announcements, "Don't ride between the cars, mind the gap, or buckle your seat belt," instill more fear than calm and foreshadow tragic events.  Every moment is edgy and exciting as the hellish journey continues aboard The Demon Train where supernatural forces lay havoc to sleeping towns and villages.  Thus, the plot is enriched by a sense of reality and horror, intertwined in a sinister and dark atmosphere that is truly engaging and novel.  The one surviving passenger is a rapper who outlives everyone else and saves his girlfriend before the train is destroyed and obliterated on its path of destruction. There is lot more twists and turns, and if picked up by a studio, The Demon Train, can be a great addition to the classic Hollywood horror movie genre.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


The perfect job,
The perfect boss,
The perfect friend,
The perfect clothes,
The perfect kiss,
The perfect day,
The perfect man,
The perfect face,
The perfect word,
The perfect smile,
The perfect look,
The perfect style,
The perfect touch,
The perfect height,
The perfect girl,
The perfect wife,
The perfect wedding,
The perfect car,
The perfect house,
The perfect family,
The perfect dress,
The perfect life,
The perfect wish,
The perfect night,
The perfect rest,
The perfect game,
The perfect place,
Just perfect.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Achah Gaddah (Pujabi poetry)

Achah gaddah,
sadeh nal challah,
pind deh pallah,
hai achah ballah
chalteh chalteh,
ek kadh meh giddah,
ek suhi deh chuth peh,
likhal padah.

Good Ass

Good ass,
Came to us,
From the village far,
Is good and proper,
whilst walking,
fell in a ditch,
at the touch of a prick,
sprang out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sometimes, I find myself stopping . . .  for no reason.


Kuch hosh bi hai,
Sochtah hu,
key jaab kuch hassil karnah ho,
tho koshish karnah,
kaabi nah chor saktah hu. 

Translation.  Effort

Are you even awake?
I wonder,
if anything is to be achieved,
I can never stop making an effort. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Happens

What can happen,
What should happen,
What might happen,
What could happen,
What may happen,
What would happen,
What did happen,
What has happened,
What will happen,
What won't happen,
What can't happen,
May never happen
Whatever happened,
Could never happen,
or forever happen,
What happened?