Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Demon Train

The Demon Train, is a horror movie idea I had one day, while walking to the train as I've done so many times, as a commuter in New York City.  This follows the long line of recent movies such as Final Destination that have scared audiences.  The Demon Train, is a train that is taken over by a demon conductor or Satan himself, and with a proper cast, costumes and special effects can become a great Hollywood screenplay and movie.  The Demon Train passes in and out of ghostly stations, boarding unbeknownst passengers on a deafening and hellish ride that fly's off the screen with nail-biting intensity.  The passengers, a rowdy group of teens, a vacationing couple, a businessman and others are joined by sickly and ghoulish riders that harass and terrorize them. The demon train rattles along broken rails, traveling at sickening speeds, jettisoning its passengers or luggage or commuter cars, leaving a blazing and fiery trial in its wake.  The high-speed destruction is interspersed by long periods of calm that adds a creeping sense of danger and suspense as demonic stewards and ticket agents rouse the passengers with their gory references and cryptic dialogue.  Overhead announcements, "Don't ride between the cars, mind the gap, or buckle your seat belt," instill more fear than calm and foreshadow tragic events.  Every moment is edgy and exciting as the hellish journey continues aboard The Demon Train where supernatural forces lay havoc to sleeping towns and villages.  Thus, the plot is enriched by a sense of reality and horror, intertwined in a sinister and dark atmosphere that is truly engaging and novel.  The one surviving passenger is a rapper who outlives everyone else and saves his girlfriend before the train is destroyed and obliterated on its path of destruction. There is lot more twists and turns, and if picked up by a studio, The Demon Train, can be a great addition to the classic Hollywood horror movie genre.


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French Montana

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