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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pyar Khi Yaad (Love's Memory)

Itnah pyar kartah hu meh tumseh,
Keh jeh nah bareh, pyar karteh weh tumseh,
Itnah pyar kartah hu meh tumseh,
Key zindaagi bhi hai ek fanah,
keh kaabi nah pyar kar saku meh tumseh.

Trans.  Love's Memory

So much love I have for you.
That it can never be enough, no matter how much I love you,

So much love I have for you,
That even life is like a bitter death,
to consider never being able to love you again.

Kalah Pyar (Black Love)

Kalah pyar,
Kar is dil ko sansaar,
Kaabi ho nah inkaar,
Nah mah neh woh haar,
Yeh merah kalah pyar.

Trans.  Black Love

Black love,
That rends the heart asunder,
Let it never detract,
Nor accept defeat,
That is my black love.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kalai Ansoo (Black Tears)

Yeh kalai ansoo hai kamzor,
Yeh kalai ansoo hai kamzor,
Woh kal kah dukh, aaj nah rahah,
jaab diyah in khali ankho peh zhor.

Translation.  Black Tears

These black tears are weak,
These black tears are weak,
The grief that passed, hath not endured,
Whither, those empty eyes can weep no more.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New York

In New York,
the summers are brilliant,
the autumn is full of grandeur.
the fall is tranquil,
the spring is an awakening.
and the winters are desolate.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Akhri Din

In akhri dinoh meh, ek awaz neh pukarah, sher banoh, sher banoh.

Trans.  The Last Days

In these last days, a voice called out saying, be a lion, be a lion!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Pyar, ek doh-din kah mehmaan.

Trans.  Love

Love, a two-day guest. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Achah Gaddah (Pujabi poetry)

Achah gaddah,
sadeh nal challah,
pind deh pallah,
hai achah ballah
chalteh chalteh,
ek kadh meh giddah,
ek suhi deh chuth peh,
likhal padah.

Good Ass

Good ass,
Came to us,
From the village far,
Is good and proper,
whilst walking,
fell in a ditch,
at the touch of a prick,
sprang out.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Can See

I can see . . .
in passing,
in waiting,
in laughing,
and playing,
in playgrounds,
in places,
in schoolyards,
and spaces,
of traces,
of people,
of all different races,
in barrooms,
in foyers,
in hallways,
like voyeurs,
at rest stops,
in bookshops,
in stations,
and boardwalks,
in alleys,
and boardrooms,
in smoke-shops,
and showrooms,
on sidewalks,
in handsomes,
at Nordstrom, 
in stanchions,
at airports,
and subways,
in taxis,
on roadways,
at ballparks,
at ballgames
at drive-ins,
in car lanes,
and somewhere,
I can see everywhere . . .

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rasteh Katkeh

Rasteh katkeh,
Jaab ho nah khatkeh,
Yeh darb keh jhatkeh,
Kaar mitti keh matkeh,
Raasteh katkeh,

Jaab dil bataktha,
Kuch bojh nah halkah,
Ku tum saath ho nah sakteh,
Jaab dekhah palatkeh
Chal, chal pir hatkeh,
Rasteh katkeh.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jannat ki Pariah (Punjabi poetry)

Jannat ki pariah,
Kah raati, kyah kariah,
Kah hoti, kah pehriyah,
Un sonoh ki mehaliyah,
Dekho jaab chaliyah,
Chand ki woh kaliyah,
Chang aur behaliyah,
Kaar hawaah hoh meh sehriyah,
Jannat ki pariah,
Kyah bolti, kyah galiyah,
Chu keh woh dehriyah,
Kaar shaan aur semaliyah,
Jannat ki pariah,
Wo asmaan ki sehaliyah,
Bol pyaar ki pehaliyah,
Joh hoh jannat ki pariah.

Translation.  Angels in Paradise

Angels in paradise
Where do they live,
Where do they wander?
In castles of gold.
They walk,
With silver on their ankles,
They are fit companions.
Floating in the wind,
Angels in paradise
Do they speak, what words?
When they touch the water,
They make it sparkle.
Those friends in the sky,
Telling love stories, 
Those are the angels in paradise.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chubtey Weh Kantei

Chubtey weh kantei,
Joh apnoh neh bantai,
Leh tinkho sei sansei,
Jassai hawah mei kaar bahteh,
Un anderoh ki raateh,
Is dil koh woh kaatei,
Zakaam joh nah jaateh,
Yeh hai mereh chubteh wei kantei.

Translation.  Painful Thorns

Painful thorns.
From those own,
Like breath from thistles,
That speaks to the wind,
Those dark nights,
That cut this heart,
And wounds that don't heal,
These are my painful thorns.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Jassai koi zameen mei fasl,
Dekho har tarah ki naql,
Fakar hai,
kei aqsar in ki ek hi chakal,
Chakal bhi aur koi nah doosri aql,
Asl mei koi ho nah asr,
Yeh ghazal hai har dunya ki nasl.


Like wheat that comes from the ground,
Marvel at their mimicry,
Having care,
that often their faces appear alike,
Faces, and a mind that is never changing,
In truth, there is no effect,
A poem for the world's every race.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Merah Yaar

Merah yaar,
Bahar seh ayah aur deghyah pyar,
Kuch kah keh, kar keh, ho keh sahar,
Kareeb seh guzreh, woh har bar,
Jassai raat meh rotay hai pahar,
Aur yaad meh jaalteh hai chiraagh,
Kaabi nah ho wo mujseh paar,
Merah yaar,
Bahar seh ayah aur deghyah pyar.

Translation. My Friend.

My friend,
From the mountains,
who showed me love,
Doing this and that, giving me his aid,
May he always pass by me here,
Like mountains that cry at night,
And memories that glow in lamps,
May he never live far from me,
My friend,
From the mountains,
who showed me love.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Always First

The first kiss,
the first touch,
the first breath,
the first hug,
the first look,
the first word,
the first laugh,
the first love,
the first win,
the first chance,
the first step,
the first glance,
the first job,
the first boss,
the first home,
the first born,
the first moon,
the first star,
the first night,
the first car,
the first day,
the first dawn,
the first sigh,
the first morn,
the first come,
the first serve,
the first time,
the first girl,
the first wish,
the first verse,
the first light,
Always first.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Always Learning

Learning to talk,
Learning to walk,
Learning to see,
Learning to touch,
Learning to care,
Learning to share,
Learning to stand,
Learning to speak,
Learning to read,
Learning to write,
Learning by sight,
Learning by night,
Learning to give,
Learning to take,
Learning to let go,
Learning for sake,
Always learning.

Merah Ghar

Merah ghar,
Sapnoh seh bhar,
Koi ho nah kabr,
Nah choru woh dhar
Merah ghar,
Aaj aur kal,
Jah pehroh peh chal
Woh zameen hai samal,
Merah ghar,
Asmanoh seh jhar,
Jah sitaroh peh char,
Aur pahadoh keh paar
Jah lahtu har baar,
haar yah lahr,
Wo hai merah ghar.


My Home

My home,
Full of dreams,
Know nothing else,
Refuse to leave this sacred place,
My home.
Today and tomorrow,
Where my feet may walk,
On soft ground
(on rose petals),
My home.
Affixed to the sky,
Where I can climb stars,
Astride mountains,
Where I always return,
in defeat or victory,
That is my home.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mujeh Jeenah Hai

Mujeh jeenah hai, yah marneh doh.

Trans.  I want to live or let me die.

Nah Badi Nah Choti

Nah badi nah choti,
Wo hai akloti,
Tang hoti, roti,
Palakti wo choti,
Jaab chalti wi hoti,
Nah badi nah choti,
In ankoh ki moti,
Jaab kwaaboh meh soti,
Woh hai akloti,
Nah badi nah choti.

Not big, nor small,
She's all alone,
Annoyed, perturbed,
Having no concern,
Whenever she passes by,
Not big not small
A diamond in my eyes,
Whenever she is sleeping,
She's all alone,
Not big, nor small.

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Monday, May 30, 2011


Humeh kya patah keh koi kyah chatah hoh.

Trans.  "Want" - Nobody can never know what somebody else wants.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kah Jannah Hai

More fun, Persian and foreign language poetry from our Poet's corner.  Contribute your own by emailing us at We are in the midst of translating and transliterating our Urdu language poetry into English very soon for all our readers to enjoy. 

Kah jannah hai,
wah jannah hai,
nah jannah hai,
tho kah jannah hai,
wah jannah ho,
tho kaab annah hai
jaab annah hai,
tho ku jannah hai,
nah janneh nah,
ku anjannah hai,
jaab annah ho,
tho kah jannah hai.