Friday, January 7, 2011

The Law of Pressure and Relative Properties of Time

I'm in the midst of moving and I have to write this blog quickly but I did want to jot down a few thoughts as a follow-up to my earlier blog on relative properties of time. I wanted to discuss these values as they relate to pressure and force that exist all around us. I am only thinking of this since I needed to figure out how to keep my doors from closing and imagined how a door is made to stay open by applying a small amount of pressure as that of a human shoe or door stop. Even the slightest amount of force is able to keep even the heaviest door open or in a worst case, keep an intruder out of your home. Probably that's why many people complain when you put your foot in their business. That reminded me of the old story of the little Dutch boy who kept his finger in the crack of a dam to keep it from bursting. Let us visualize this story as it relates to our discussion. The boy has applied a small amount of force to a crack in the dam to keep the entire dam from bursting and thus saving the town from a disastrous flood. The crack in the dam represents the enormous amount of pressure that can be released if the dam breaks and the boy's bravery and wit seem to win the day until other men other arrive to lead the repairs. But in such a situation, how can so much pressure be withstood by so little force so that such an event can be averted. A balloon also holds pressure and can be pricked by a small needle that releases that pressure through a cataclysmic event into the atmosphere. The pressure is dispersed into the atmosphere creating significant amounts of reverberation and eventually will settle down somewhere. The balloon being pricked only created a reverberation and no significant change in the atmosphere and alas, only transient noise and confusion when the balloon is popped. But something as small and as sharp as a needle has exhibited a significant impact on the universe. Similarly, the boy with his finger in the dam has prevented the dam from cracking and releasing a tremendous amount of pressure, that of the water, and saving the town from flood and devastation. In both cases a small amount of force is applied to an object and an enormous amount of pressure is withstood. It almost seems inconceivable but it is true. Our planet too is conceivably pressurized by space which exacts pressure on our planet, that the Earth withstands as an object of force, thus providing a delicate counterbalance to the weight of our universe. If that pressure was ever released and a convergence of space, or pressure occurred, than our planet would be destroyed as a defiant object of force, thus releasing pressure from space in all different directions and disrupting our universe. This goes back to relative points of intersection such as the man and the bird. If the two entities collided, pressure would be released, but if the two entities persist in their course, the pressure would still exist as a matter of force. Thus, the boy with his finger in the dam only represents the force that's required to keep the dam from cracking and if that force was absent the dam would indeed crack but the existence of such a force would withstand significant pressure, that of the water on the other side. Moreover, any containment of pressure almost always requires a meager amount of force to withstand the pressure that is being extroverted. Such as that of the balloon being pricked. The pressure is contained but the force applied to it is insignificant. Is space a containment of pressure and the earth simply a force that is being applied to disperse or withstand that pressure? Is this delicate counterbalance necessary for our planet to exist and why? If the pressure was not exacted, would the earth then fall out from under itself like a cocktail napkin? It seems that pressure wins the day since even if the earth did not exist the pressure would converge on itself and create other worlds and the universe may still be expanded, considering the transformational nature of the universe. So as when a balloon is pricked by a needle creates a disruption and dispersion of pressure in the universe, the mere fact that the balloon is pressurized makes for a moot argument. It's pressure contained or pressure withstood, despite which, pressure released or pressure dispersed, and a force that no longer can withstand or withhold that pressure as an empty can. Force and pressure seem to intermingle all the time and at all levels creating balance and composition in the universe. The pressure exists despite the force applied or ourselves and objects of force that only disperse and disband as a result of the interplay of such forces. The interplay of these forces are time bound by such discriminating forces that maintain the balance of pressure and force in the universe but alas, cannot give in or give up lest cataclysm befalls our universe. The pressure exists notwithstanding the force applied no matter how small or insignificant and when we swoon at the thought of pressure converging on itself we are also hearkening the end of the world.

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