Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fixed Relative Properties of Time Within a Three-Dimensional World

Let us consider a third value when we observe fixed relative properties of time, that of depth. Depth is something that we all experience in everyday life, that which gives life a more fuller and deeper meaning. It shows up in art and everyday life and makes us happier to see what's beyond the horizon, a future worth striving for. The easiest way to understand depth would be to measure air through a cone-shaped funnel. If I blow air through the funnel, the air will necessarily fill the depth of the funnel, and not directly blow out of the funnel. This is an interesting concept and must be explored further. Fixed relative properties of time show us the interconnectedness of the world when we consider the time that it takes for travel that is specified such as walking from point A to point B. Entities and objects that occupy space are also subject to the laws of depth. Consider the example of the man walking underneath the bird. If the bird was not directly overhead and there existed a few degrees of separation from the man, and it came to rest at a designated point, the man would obviously have to use additional time to cover the space that is used if the separation existed. Obviously he can zigzag to save time but the properties of time would still be fixed if the space is to be covered. We would then measure the time that the man travels by calculating the space that's covered by these travelers and apply a three-dimensional value. The three dimensional value will also account for the distance between the man and the bird which can measured by the depth that exists between them. What if the bird was on a collision course with the man? Obviously, if it was only few degrees to the right or left of the man, it would miss the man completely, and there would be no collision, thus justifying its own fixed properties. If the man moved to the right or to the left, a collision would occur since the space would be negated. But obviously, the collision would be impossible since the bird and the man are truly interdependent as a value of time. If the bird flying by the man, missed the man, it would only be a marvel or an accident since the man following the bird shares a relativity of time. Whereas depth exists all around us, it creates an inverse relationship with time. Since all points on Earth can likely be measured for depth, let's say a stick in the mud pointing up to the sun, then a bird traveling to any point on the Earth, would theoretically still be pointed back to the stick in the mud. If the stick in the mud, sank into the mud, and disappeared, the inverse would still exist as a fixed value of time and the bird that may be a million miles away, may not even sense such a loss since all entities are pointified in a three-dimensional world. Returning to the example of the cone-shaped funnel, we can know that air traveling through the funnel will fill the funnel before leaving out the other end. The funnel contains depth and it can be measured by applying a three-dimensional value thus giving it a fixed quality. If the funnel was not there, the air that I blow from my mouth would only be released into space and thus occupy space in a fixed sense. The bird and the man, as scales of time, measure time respectively, but whereas the inverse is true as a value of depth, it may seem that the entire world is on a collision course but, the existence of fixed properties of time that are interdependent create a dynamic world, where space is ever-increasing and to each his own. Space itself overrules any concept of depth and time since it can't be measured and encompasses and engulfs everything we can ever know but is still subject to these values. Since the points exist they cannot collide since each is interdependent as a value of time and is fixed, thus presenting a basis for illuminated being. If they do collide, the values of fixed properties of time within a three-dimensional world do not collapse but exist by way of interdependence. The bird being far away from me or me being too far from the bird, makes no difference to me or the bird, and if either perishes on the journey to reach the other, or one perishes and the other prospers, it would not negate their interdependence as we discussed before, since they are mutual entities and thus, the destruction or survival of the other is directly dependent on the other. Depth only enhances the relative time controversy and why in a three-dimensional world, it creates points of reference that are mutually relative, interconnected and interdependent. The points of reference if they ever cross would have to appropriate for time, thus it can seem that we can never lift ourselves off the ground. Even if the earth was not present, the points of reference would still exist within the vast nothingness of space, as potential values of time. They cannot be negated since they are interdependent.

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