Friday, January 21, 2011

Numbers and Fixed Properties of Time

I used to have a stopwatch when I was a kid and I liked using it. It was not like any other watch I had. It was digital, tied to a thick black lace and you could wear it around your neck and measure time. I didn't understand it much only that it measured time and was used by athletes running a race or coaches timing an event. I got bored with it since I had no use for it. Ideally, it required two people at all times, one to start and stop the watch and the other to run the race. I just didn't think anyone would be interested in performing such a menial job. The stopwatch is not like other watches that seem to skip a beat when telling time. A normal watch or clock has an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand. The stopwatch can measure time in milliseconds, which I thought was very cool. The milliseconds moved very fast, since they're hundredths of a second and I am sure some watches can even measure microseconds. When we look at fixed properties of time, we should know that properties of time can exist as hundredths of a second or even less. Our hearts never seem to skip a beat. Every waking moment of our lives can be reduced to fractions of a second or even less and those properties as fixed, tell us that our time is precious. In fact, we are aging in reverse since those properties are fixed, or it can be said that we are immortal at every moment of our lives. The thought is staggering. Thus, if we turned a stopwatch on and buried it inside the earth, until the earth perished, the time would restart from the moment it started, and the earth would be reborn. Consider numbers. When we read numbers in order, we start from 1 and can end at 100. Each number depends on the numbers that follow or precede them and could not exist on their own. The number 4 would not make sense without a 3, 2, 1 or a 5, 6, 7 and so on. Each number is dependent and interdependent and can be considered fixed values. The number 5 exists for itself and by itself but for itself cannot be by itself. On the infinite scale of numbers, numbers exist for themselves and by themselves, and by themselves, cannot be for themselves. If they ever stopped increasing, they would not stand for themselves since numbers can be counted infinitely, and if they ever did stop, the numbers would be recounted since numbers are fixed values such as properties of time. When we look at numbers and how we measure time, we come to know that immortality should not be seen as a fountain of youth or some angel of youth that appears in the Garden of Paradise, but as a fixed value, that every time and at all times, we are immortal and our lives are standing still in the stillness of time, and the lives that we live are transcendental and undying.

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