Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nature of Time and Immortality

Let's take our discussion a bit further to account for the infinitude of space. It is largely agreed that space is infinite and expanding. When we look at fixed and relative properties of time, we observe that the earth is a pressurized object in the midst of an infinite and ever-expanding universe. While the pressure is constantly applied to the earth's surface, it is also released back into space or does not seem possible since pressure applied and pressure released would be counter-intuitive. This would almost make it seem that the earth did not exist or that space and the earth were estranged. Consider a balloon that has two plugs. On one side, we can blow pressure into the balloon and on the other side the pressure would be released but the balloon would still stay suspended since it would constantly be pressurized. But the mere fact that the balloon must stay suspended this way might make us think that we are witnessing an optical illusion, that of the balloon being suspended. The same concept can be applied to our own planet that is suspended in space in an ever-expanding universe. If the earth was not there, then there would be no pressure at all, but the all-encompassing nature of the universe might not feel any loss, since it would not matter much if we consider the infinitude of space. Objects in space may seem realer than they appear. Such a concept, that of infinite space that's spotted by planets and stars that are pressurized, leads us to consider that the entire universe is based on an inverse rule. In an ever expanding universe that's pressurized and not, it might almost seem to us that the earth was flat and thus, relative and fixed properties of time are true and can be validated. But even if the earth was not flat and we considered the universe at face value, fixed properties of time would still exist since the inverse exists. It's almost as if I planted my hand into a bed of sand and made an impression. Likewise, the earth makes an impression in space but since space is all-inclusive, the impression does not hold. It can also be said that points of relativity exist but they are also unified and they exist. But in a fixed world, if they are unified, it can also be said that they do not exist. The concept of infinite space puts a stone in the heels of our shoes. In the final sum, if properties of time exist and are unified but they exist, and infinite space makes the inverse true, than we should all be immortal beings.

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