Monday, February 7, 2011

The Law of Colors, the Unification Principle and Fixed Properties of Time

Let us continue our discussion regarding the Unification Principle and fixed properties of time as they are related to the law of colors. Colors are unified. They can be green, black, orange, red, violet, purple, gray or white. Each color is unified in terms of its properties, thus it is defined uniquely and is distinguishable. Colors are thus unified such as unified beings and unified things. They cannot be pulled away from their overall unity and cease to exist since they exist for that color alone. If we combine colors such as green and blue, we will form an entirely new color that will also have a unified quality but its existence would be owed to its primary colors that cannot be undone. We see colors everywhere, in the clothes we wear and the things that we see and they stand out in terms of contrast and quality. However, I cannot pull colors apart from themselves since they exist on their own and cannot unbecome themselves. Thus, they are fixed such as fixed properties of time and have an everlasting quality. Thus, if I paint my fence white one day and decide to the change the color several years later, it would simply reflect a choice to repaint my fence and not necessarily undo the color white or the properties of the color of white. Thus, colors show us that time properties are also fixed and cannot be undone with our tinkering and tampering. Colors can be contrasted and matched to create breathtaking impressions of color or they can be combined to form other unified colors, that exist for the sake of their constituent colors. Beautiful displays of color abound when we celebrate the law of unification. Every color stands alone and when combined, forms a brilliant impression for us to behold. But the display, however fleeting, does not ever change the infinite value of any one color since the colors red, green, black, and gray will last forever, and are immortalized by their indefinite value. It’s important for us to heed that properties of time and material properties show us a fixed world, where immortality reigns supreme and that death merely hearkens back to our own immortality and undying nature. While we interpret these colors with our ability to see and to sense, we still believe in their unification since they appear to be unified. The color red is the color red and applied as the color red to our senses because of its unity and cannot be decomposed through our malinterpretation or misinterpretation or contrarinterpration of the world since it is the color red and is unified by its existence and its interpretation as the color red not matter how much we instill our own doubt in its overall unification. Since we are immortal and properties of time are immortal and colors are immortal, then why should we deny their just interpretation that is also, an immortal aspect of our lives that is governed by a unifying power? Colors present a strong basis for the unification principle and existence of time properties that are fixed. We must believe in order to recognize, we must recognize in order to believe, we must believe on the basis of our belief. So as when, I add a tablespoon of sugar in my tea, and the taste is sweet, it does not reduce the quality of sugar or its infinite properties or such that it may be combined with salt or anything else that would change its permanent constitution. It is constituted as sugar, forever and always, and its reduction by a spoonful amount in my cup, does not annihilate its existence due to its fixed nature. While colors are abundant and everlasting, so are these many natural bounties, by way of their fixed nature as if I would wish for life, many times over and it is bestowed on me with abundance and bounty, that offers me immortality beyond my wildest imagination, where all my wishes and wants and desires and all that’s good and bountiful and preserves my being, will preserve my being, forever and always, in a state of eternal paradise or immortal union with a transcendental God. Separate but equal, equal but immortal is the true essence of our nature. There is simply no way to unclaim our immortal selves in a fixed world of infinite properties.

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