Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Makes Right Good

Chatting with a friend, the question came up, is right always good, and if not, why not?

Friend 6:
12 pm
Me 6:14 pm
heres a question - is right always good?
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
why not?
6:16 pm
what are u talking about
6:16 pm
is being right always good
6:16 pm
most of the time
6:17 pm
any other time?
6:17 pm
what are u asking for Me 6:19 pm
can war be right but is it good
Friend 6:20 pm
war is never's savage
Friend 6:21 pm
but, obviously u have to defend yourself if your caught in it
Me 6:22 pm
is capital punishment right and is it also good
Friend 6:23 pm
some people dont deserve to live but obviously having to kill someone is never good...what are these retarded questions about
Me 6:23 pm
so right is not always good then
Friend 6:24 pm
i said that obviously
Me 6:24 pm
then what makes it right
Friend 6:24 pm
most of the time right is good...who cares
Me 6:27 pm
i think that right is self-serving as opposed to good, which is more universal
Friend 6:29 pm
what u think is good and what i think is good could be different
Me 6:29 pm
if it's good everyone agrees - if it's right - i might not agree
Friend 6:29 pm
what the hell u talking about
Me 6:29 pm
good precedes right in many ways
Friend 6:31 pm
it's hot in my apartment...u might see that as good since like the heat but i don't see it as good as i like it cold
so good? says who
Me 6:32 pm
its good not to commit violence, its right not to commit violence only because its good - good precedes right
always do good and you'll always be right i guess
Friend 6:33 pm
u make no sense right now
Me 6:33 pm
its right not to commit violence is just a formalism

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