Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Law of Place

What is meant by the law of place? Matter exists and takes place in a specified place. Matter and place are unified by the law of place. Space exists all around us but space defines our material being. Consider the polar bear who lives in the north. The place defines the object or the material entity. Outside of such a place, the polar bear would not exist. This is meant the law of place. Place cannot be substituted by a material form that depends on that place for its life. The polar bear cant's simply to Brazil and eek out an existence. He will cease to exist if such an event took place. Birds fly south in the winter because the honor the law of place. When it becomes too cold to survive in the north, migratory birds will travel south until the winter is over. Why is this the case and how is time measured as a law of place. It takes the birds quite some time to travel south and thus quite some time to travel north. Perhaps, many birds also die during this extended migration. But it is necessary in order for these migratory birds to survive. If the stayed in the north, without traveling, they would likely die due to lack of food and the cold weather. Some plants only grow in certain places and it is quite obvious that many animals are subject to the law of place. It is what makes them such as the chameleon who becomes camouflaged when it sits on a tree. If it didn't have its place on the tree, it would not be camouflaged. Why is place important in the transmutation of species. If I am wounded or bleed and am occupying a specific place then, materially I am subject to the elements. Blood will congeal faster in hot weather or cold climate might exacerbate my wound. Thus place will determine my material decomposition. Fair skin people have to stay out of the sun because they will be sunburned or their skin might peel off. Thus, place or an objective space that is predefined with a material object in mind, becomes their ruler. Fish cannot live out of water. Mammals cannot live in water. Amphibians can live in water and on land. The Viking enjoys cold weather whereas an African might not be able to exist in Greenland without some difficulty. Thus, the African who is not meant for survival in such cold climates might be deleteriously affected by such an environment and can easily get pneumonia and die. The law of place is also critical for survival such as Nordic people whose diet might be quite different from someone living in the Philippines. Having lived in the U.S. for all my life, I will likely sick if I drank water in Argentina or Mexico. The law of place has significantly defined my material needs and fulfillment and thus being displaced, might cause a material disruption since I will no longer be occupying the place where I meant to be and that is essential to my livelihood. I am a material object that occupies a place that is pre-defined by a material condition that has dictated my physiological capacity. People that live at higher altitudes are often known to have stronger and more durable lungs, whereas someone who has not lived in such a place, might not be able to tolerate such a height. What is meant by the place and why is essential for us to study? The movie Titanic shows that someone drowning in cold water will suffer hypothermia and die instantly. Such a place will have a drastic impact on their material life. Cold, freezing water is no place for a warm human body. Though, whales and other creatures that are hot-blooded can survive in the coldest temperatures and occupy such a place freely and beneficially. Right now I am occupying a place at my desk, writing on the computer. If I left this place, I would no longer writing on this computer and would occupying a place where such an act or process or state would not be possible. Thus I have committed myself to this place and have become one with the place. Leaving this place will considerable change who I am and what I can become. Thus, place-changing can be adverse or positive or neutral. If I had the window open and it was cold out, I might have to move out of such a place lest I catch a cold or suffer a cough. I am a subject of place and never an object of place since place is objective and governs my subjective being. I cannot traverse the North Pole without proper gear or wear a jacket on the beach. The law of place will negate my futile attempts. We shall return to the subject on a later occasion.

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