Saturday, February 27, 2010

Migrations: Leaving Haiti and Chile

News broke today that a massive earthquake has struck Chile, only a month apart from the previous, devastating and massive earthquake in Haiti. The situation seems dire. There is no doubt that the United States needs to respond decisively. Both Chile and Haiti are migrant cultures. While they are independent nations and have every right to stay and rebuild their countries, there is always the growing uncertainty that more might go wrong and that disorder and chaos may ensue during this substantial crisis. Evacuations of both affected regions may be necessary. It is easier to evacuate victims of earthquakes to safer shores than pursue search, rescue and rebuild operations during a period of chaos and upheaval. People may need to be airlifted out of the country to secure holding depots where they can be setup in camps, cared for, protected, treated effectively by doctors until they are ready to go home. That seems like the most cost-effective way to proceed, than sending massive amounts of aid that may be displaced, misused and misallocated. Both Haiti and Chile are migrant cultures, one of primarily native, tribal Indian origin and the other of African origin. Both peoples are capable of being evacuated temporarily so that search and rescue teams can devote themselves more effectively once the panic, and shock has subsided. As migrant nations, these people can easily cope with a nomadic, transitory environment where they can be cared for and ultimately, oversee their own care and importantly, be away from more danger. The U.S. is capable of conducting such an operation. There are numerous places where this can be accomplished and I'm sure other nations in the hemisphere can help. I would urge President Obama and Congress to consider such an operation and develop a plan of evacuation immediately. It is highly feasible and would help pacify a highly untenable situation. Foreign workers can sometimes be confused in a complex, international environment that is in disarray. To transfer the victims would be more logical to a safer land mass where uniform and strategic aid can be administered. This is an overwhelming situation for both countries and to restore order and calm, such a plan may be the only choice for restoration.

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