Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Matter and Space

Matter is ephemeral. Space seems everlasting. Matter dissolves, disintegrates, decomposes, deconstructs and never reconstitutes, giving meaning to the phrase, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust," and nevermore. While matter resides in space as a self-sufficient organism, it requires other complementary and favorable matter to promote its existence and being. Being recognizes the finite value of matter as our hair grays, teeth decay, vision fades and skin wrinkles. Matter also encounters pain and suffering but we must acknowledge that as a whole, the pain and suffering is almost always commensurate to how much we can bear. We sigh at the moral sentiment. This gives ultimate precedence to our overall existence and material makeup, that enhances our spirituality and being. The mortal coil submits to infinite space as it bows and kneels, stands and decrees to call upon the glory of God. It seems that all earth is matter based. Some matter is more fragile than other matter and thus, more susceptible or vulnerable to change. Matter can seize the moment but space has the final word. If one ventured, they may even hypothesize that matter is space, and space integrates with matter. We agonize over the eternal problem. If we are part and parcel of a vast space, why are we moved to protect and guard our material being that is also illusory if constituted within space. Matter in space intersects with space and discerns its finite value while yearning to subsist infinitely. Our desire to be infinite is rooted in our ability to conceive the infinite and eternal. During this process, matter is no longer relevant and we are in the throes of the supernatural. Once dismissed, matter and being cannot be glued together like a broken jar. We preserve our matter to preserve our space within space to recognize our humility and relationship to the larger universe. The structure of the universe and space seem too perfect to ignore. Larger forces are at play. So is our own structure and material constitution that is microbiological. The order of the ant colony and beehive come to mind, two great examples. The Holy Quaran says, "and nothing is hidden from your Lord (so much as) the weight of an atom on the earth or in the heaven. Nor (is there) what is less than that or what is greater than that but is (written) in a Clear Record." Notice the words "less than"; what could be less than an atom, an electron, a sub-atom? Matter in unity with being is able to create, communicate, build, cultivate, cure, comfort and fashion as the great nothing also fashions our beings for the eye to behold. The creation of our material being as is, is owed to our material antecedents, to whom we owe our material existence. By virtue of itself, matter or for that matter space, cannot be idle. We return to the a priori rule, the rule of the unmoved mover. The finger that pushes the pinball forward. A force or not a force or more to our liking and material sense, a supernatural force. Matter and being seem to know their place and purpose in the world. The material world yearns to transcend, harness and overcome a juvenile space that governs all life. The cycle repeats - space consumes matter, and matter consumes matter and space to prolong existence, which is material. This demands a complete remodeling of our place in the universe, that places the supernatural first. Can matter ever be deconstructed and then, reconstructed to its original state to reveal the mysteries of nature? The cup vanishes with the water, never to be reconstructed to its original state that is lost forever to the mysteries of time and space. While utilizing the cup to drink water is also sufficient, the moment is not transcendental but quite vain and naive. How do we cope with the increasing wonderment and awe. Matter like form is obedient to the shape and shakur of the universe. Rightfully so but faithful disobedience may be needed to truly appreciate our material action. Why does the mother grieve? A slight miscalibration of universal order, can damage all material life. It seems best to do what we ought, and what we ought to do spells divine. We ache and we agonize for the truth, for revelation. The Holy Quaran goes on to say, "they ask you (O Muhammad) concerning the Ruh (spirit of inspiration). Say: "The Ruh (the Spirit) is one of the things, the knowledge of which is only with my Lord. And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little."

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