Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jannat ki Pariah (Punjabi poetry)

Jannat ki pariah,
Kah raati, kyah kariah,
Kah hoti, kah pehriyah,
Un sonoh ki mehaliyah,
Dekho jaab chaliyah,
Chand ki woh kaliyah,
Chang aur behaliyah,
Kaar hawaah hoh meh sehriyah,
Jannat ki pariah,
Kyah bolti, kyah galiyah,
Chu keh woh dehriyah,
Kaar shaan aur semaliyah,
Jannat ki pariah,
Wo asmaan ki sehaliyah,
Bol pyaar ki pehaliyah,
Joh hoh jannat ki pariah.

Translation.  Angels in Paradise

Angels in paradise
Where do they live,
Where do they wander?
In castles of gold.
They walk,
With silver on their ankles,
They are fit companions.
Floating in the wind,
Angels in paradise
Do they speak, what words?
When they touch the water,
They make it sparkle.
Those friends in the sky,
Telling love stories, 
Those are the angels in paradise.

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