Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Safe Space

I propose safe space. A special space where everyone can go to feel safe. Such spaces could exist in public parks, shopping centers, schools, beaches and many more places of interest that can become safer. People can go here to feel safe and enjoy an environment that's designated for their enhanced safety. Safe space can become a wonderful reality for cities that are ridden with high crime, or urban centers that have poor safety standards. Anyone can enter safe space and feel a sense of security, a place where they can feel totally safe, and an environment that promotes their personal safety and well-being. In such a place they can be comfortable around others, be able to read or sit on benches, or take a pause from the hectic pace of the world that can sometimes feel unsafe. Safe spaces can be dynamic places equipped with Wi-Fi access, safety signs, and safety guards, to ensure a high level of safety for visitors. Local precincts and firehouses can sponsor such places with events on safety and assign Safety Officers to these spaces. Disabled and retired individuals can benefit most by using safe space as a comfort zone, and these can be a wonderful place for meditation and healing. Had a bad day or too much on your mind? You can visit safe space to relieve the stress. There can be live music or special kiosks that play music for meditation and relaxation. You can have a meaningful experience and meaningful conversations with others without ever feeling threatened or a sense of safelessness. When there's too much to do and too much on your mind, safe space can be the answer for all your worries. In safe space, your safety always comes first such as a right to safety. Everyone can feel safe and no one can make you feel unsafe or intrude on your safety. These spaces can unite communities to promote safety and restore a greater balance of safety in our world. There is no risk of fire, there is no risk of natural disaster, there is no risk of personal harm or injury, violence or drugs, and you can feel totally safe and at peace with yourself and among others. Please vote (by + 1) to help spread the safety.

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