Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Koi Baath Ti

Koi baath ti,
Koi nah ti,
Koi saath ti,
Koi chaat ti,
Koi paas ti,
Kyah raat ti,
Jaab saath ti
Woh hawaa ti,
Uski joh saans ti,
Kuch raaz tah,
Jaab paas ti,
Nah baaz hu,
Woh pyaas ti,
Kuch ahsaas tah,
Koi awaaz ti
Nah naraaz ho,
Woh mujseh,
Woh tho kuch khaas ti,
Yeh tho alfaaz hai,
Uski tho koi aur baath ti.

Trans.  Some Talk

Some talk,
Some not,
Someone's here,
My desire,
When she's near,
Some night,
When she's here,
A wind, 
When she breathes
She has a secret,
When she's near,
I can't stop,
She is my thirst,
Some concern, 
A beautiful voice,
Never be angry,
With me,
She is special,
This is just a word,
She is much more.

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