Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Subconscious Mover

We have established that a mover is persistent in our larger conception of time, space, matter and movement. Let us better define the mover that operates within a material realm. It is better to define this mover as a subconscious mover, which exists in a transitory, finite state. If all matter is finite and a superseding movement is present, than the mover as part of matter would be a subconscious mover, which exists in a transitory state. This subconscious mover is restricted by its material capacities. Let us turn to the example of the eagle. The eagle can only see so far, fly so fast, or prey on specific animals. Its material talents or operational form is what largely defines its subconscious movement. The eagle does not roar which is reserved only for the lion. Nor does it prey on large animals. The subconscious mover is also part of the larger hypothetical material panoramic that exists within the supernatural universe. Thus, we deduce that the supernatural has many material faces or aspects but as the supernatural, it is a super-consciousness as opposed to a subconsciousness. Thus matter provides a vessel to execute hypothetical material obligations. But, why? Is the presence of the eagle a balancing force for the material universe that is governed by the supernatural? This theory is arguable since dinosaurs once existed and are now completely extinct. Thus, nature's preserve is extraordinary or limitless. Orcas or killer whales exist in the ocean and it need not be to sustain the ecosystem. Goldfish may still thrive in the water despite the presence of the Orca. A constant food chain seems to be present or overactive. Matter requires sustenance. All animals seem to prey on one sort of matter or another to persist. The mover subconsciously consumes and procreates to prolong its material life or progeny. If all movement is the same, why do we perceive distinction. It seems experience is central to distinguishing between movers and we can also postulate that the supernatural creates distinctive material movement on its own. Lions fight other lions in the wild for territory and breeding rights. What determines winners from losers? Might or movement? Perhaps, physicality. Physicality is awarded in nature. One who overcomes adversity will thrive, procreate and gain territory and respect. But the mover is lost in the material uproar. It seems matter is constantly forming and reforming itself and interacting turbulently within the supernatural paradigm to promote hyper-creation. The mover on the losing side is no less important. Opposition is critical for this process to take place. Two lions fighting. Why? Would not the superior lion be happier without a fight or a hunt? Nature and the supernatural seem to exist in a counter-intuitive way and are dissonant cognitively. Is this constant struggle the reason why matter seeks to prolong itself or is it simply an intrinsic trait, a bubbling to the top, so to speak. Fight may win territory or land for grazing but hunger is a basic natural instinct. The mother needs to feed its young at birth and hunger may be considered the first natural material inclination. Again, the material obligation provides the ultimate answer and clarity. A lion will roar and an eagle will fly only because its material obligation is indispensable to its survival. The subconscious mover becomes an agent of this material obligation, existing as divine right. This subconscious mover seems to survive in the most basic, and elementary way. It only knows its capacity for survival and how to carry out its material obligations. The camel does not want to grow wings but to live as a camel. How does it spend the rest of its time? Drinking water from a trough. Nor does the elephant seem to want to swing from trees like gorillas. The subconscious mover fulfilling its material obligations is arguably contentable. Why? Let us examine the human subconscious? It's more varied even if it is not highly potent or colossal. Are human beings invariably lazy. Probably not since human society is communal and works in concert with a supernatural, life-giving force. It's individual parts are motivated subconsciously. On a micro level, the variation of human consciousness leads us to believe in God and pursue other achievements - weapons of war, advances in science, art and physics, human technology and infrastructure serve us supernatural emblems that boast our material potential. Consider the wonders of the world and the great pyramids. Even an ant is motivated by its subconscious. The longing that we feel is attributed to the subconscious, perhaps best described as a magnet that clings to a larger force that pulls us towards a greater destiny. This magnetic attraction to the supernatural propels the subconscious mover in different ways and perhaps, shapes matter too to adapt and to overcome its environment, a sure sign of our role as material agents, to harness our material prowess and powers to achieve material good, which can sparsely attribute for the supernatural and gain its approval. Eating an orange is not a meaningless exchange or activity. It requires the presence of a mover, the one who eats, and the orange, the thing that's consumed. It is a highly satisfactory experience but presents a hypothetical reality or unreality. An orange is very real and attributable to nature. It tastes good and provides nourishment to the consumer. It is also pleasurable. The orange is also befitting to the mover and accommodates the mover well, since its edible and pleasing to the taste buds. Once consumed, the mover gains satisfaction and material promotion. Not one less orange exists in the world but an opportunity to grow more oranges or prolong material life that may require sustenance to persist and be productive. Once plucked from the orchard, the orange is consumed and its materialness no longer exists as an orange but as sustenance for the mover. It has a purpose. Matter has a purpose and seems to invite the mover to execute a material action, whether eating an orange or planting a tree. Movers that are inconsistent with the material want or longing may fall out of favor with the material urge or movers that do not conform to a material plan, may become unpalatable material agents for the material embodiment. Does the supernatural have a plan for us all. The supernatural can assist us and elevate us during our material journey, overcoming significant burdens or material challenges. A deep connection to the supernatural can transform matter over thousands of years, so that men might be able to fly in the air one day or possess other qualities that we sometimes, read in comics. But in its current form, the human being is limited to human ingenuity and human prowess. But the subconscious mover seems to know its finiteness and thus, struggles to overcome its material limitations. It longs for eternal life, through the gateway of the material universal to seek the supernatural paradise that indeed, delivers the fulfillment of its material wants and desires, whatever they may be in accordance with its subconscious and the supernatural. In the material journey, all then seems ephemeral, save for the mingling of the subconscious mover with the supernatural. The question plagues us once more. Suffering is inherent to the material realm since matter is finite. The material journey seems more and more a test for the subconscious mover fulfilling its material obligations to live by those natural means and somehow gain salvation. This temporary divorce or separation from God or the supernatural mover is unexplainable and can only be interpreted religiously, philosophically, metaphysically, stoically and ascetically. A temporary shroud for the subconscious mover becomes its only means for salvation or re-entry to the supernatural, its life once passed becomes a vague transition from formfulness to formlessness and thus, supernatural ecstasy. Obviously, only ecstasy can prevail in such a case, when the only condition of our suffering and pain in the material universe is the material provision itself, which has a finite value. The infinite value of the supernatural does not present the same finite quality. The return to the supernatural offers a transition or crossing that is not attributed to the material value of time and finiteness space but is only a mortal and divine interfacing.

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