Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Supermover - Who Am I?

The more we analyze the phenomena of the mover, we invariably stumble on the question of nothingness. Why should mover and matter exist in the first place in a symbiotic way to perform a highly defined set of material obligations. If the existence of mover and matter are defined by time, then existence becomes even more illusory. Hence the question arises - who am I? Am I the person that is reflected in the mirror or am I the mover inside the image of the man or woman in the mirror. Who am I? Since matter is finite, the reflection in the mirror will change over time - our hair will gray, our skin will wither and we will become old, enervated and feeble. The mover however, seems to have an eternal charm and thus, we can never tell if the mover has become old or enervated. Just the opposite - the mover can be inspired, encouraged, hopeful and determined at any level of material progress. This can last up until the very end when our material being ceases to exist and the mover can return to an infinite material-less state. Animals are also movers and also grow old. Is the eagle defined by its claws and sharp vision or should it be defined by the inherent mover. Are all movers alike? We know from the previous blog, that a mover learns and can adapt to its material state and become unified with its material talents to accomplish its natural goals. An eagle learns to fly and knows how to fly and its material being is conducive to its life as a mover. But what is the eagle in the vast space of nothingness? What is an eagle prior to existing as an eagle? Is an eagle simply an incarnation of material and supernatural possibilities or does it exist as a representation of a larger super-reality. We cannot know for sure but it certainly does seem that if the eagle is defined by its timeliness and material state, then quite likely, it conceptually exists prior to natural life. The eagle and the mover need not exist as a material entity at all. But alas, an eagle exists. Why? And what or better yet, who is the eagle? Is it the creature that we observe flying with outstretched wings in the sky? Or is it simply an incarnation of a mover in animal form that has these material qualities. Why does the mover appear in such a state? Obviously, it appears to fulfill a specified, natural material obligation. When its life comes to an end, the mover is separated from its form such as that of an eagle and returns to infinite being. Thus, what is the mover? Is this mover, a small part of a supermover that ultimately foretells or commands the appearance of a unique mover such as an eagle or a lion, in the natural world as we know it. Since we owe our existence to our parents, and they would owe their existence to their parents and antecedents, then our existence as movers is highly compromising. Who are we? Who are you? Who am I? These questions linger in our minds. It seems more and more that as material beings, we should be in touch with our inherent mover. This can occur through common religious practices, such as churchgoing, prayer and meditation. Once we become connected to the mover, we can better ascertain its functions, role and true purpose. As movers that appear in bodily form through procreation, we must realize that our natural life is biological and ephemeral, and our souls are preordained by a supernatural, super-conscious reality. In fact, our own consciousness is illusory as individual movers or souls. We're simply a parcel that may travel from one distant location to another and owes its flight to a super-reality, until it arrives at its destination, at which point, the contents within can be revealed to unlock the mysteries of existence. But a superconsiounsess is always present and guides such a hypothetical, material obligation. The distance traveled and the time it takes for the parcel to be mailed is incidental or accidental and the reality that ensues or unravels is ultimately, the primary cause. We must bear this in mind as we continue to consider the mover's journey.

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