Friday, July 23, 2010

Letter to the Smithsonian National Zoo

Dear National Zoo:

I am a writer and educational blogger and am quite impressed by zoos and zoology as a whole. I wanted to find out by anyone at the zoo whether wildlife at the zoo, specifically lions and the Big Cats, can be returned to the wild after a period of captivity. Does such a plan of reintegration exist? I am intrigued by the process of reintegration to preserve exotic wildlife and endangered species.

Your Website was very informative and impressive. I hope to visit the National Zoo in the near future. My only experience of zoos has been largely limited to the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York City. The Bronx Zoo and the Queens Zoo are highly likable and educational but alas, they seem to be much smaller and limited in their scope, and programs and services. I have written to WCS regarding their reintegration policies since several of their animals (lions, tigers, polar bear) have been in captivity for a long time, and I am concerned that these species may yearn to return to the wild.

The Smithsonian National Zoo seems to embody a strong commitment to wildlife preservation and conservation, which I applaud. The Wildlife Cams that you have in place are also very enjoyable and your Website is clear and easy to navigate. I hope to become a member.

Thank you.

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