Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is Destiny?

Today, I would like to study the concept of destiny through the lens of matter and space and its correlation with free will. Let's take off on some of our earlier points. We've mentioned that matter is merely essence when space and time are negated. The mover that resides in the material world is part of the everlasting. Then, how should we define destiny? The mover is born out of nothingness or somethingness and while residing outside of time, space and matter and coexisting within these dimensions, has a truly distinctive quality, thus giving it the power of free will. Matter without the mover has no free will to execute. However, free will must also be considered within the dynamics of the quasi-space and time continuum that demands highly selective and exclusive lifeforms to perform definite material duties. The eagle cannot necessarily change its predatory nature. However, it is also moved and partly essence or spirit. The eagle's spirit is however demoted to its material form, thus making it subject to its material obligations, above all. Human beings seem to function on a different plane. Aside from their material obligations such as eating, drinking and sleeping, which are material necessities, they move towards progress or self-destruction and are moved towards the latter, which is ultimately to perform good acts. Progress is built on goodness, and self-knowledge. To extrapolate our theory, we can say that all earth is good despite its finite qualities and that it bears a spiritual essence. The earth is also moved by spiritual forces. These forces are ultimately responsible for a human being's free will, which outside of all life form, seems most distinct. We can consistently do harmful acts that are contrary to our material obligations such as the naughty child who won't listen to his mother. We can be obtuse and act selfishly and maliciously and can intend bad acts. This dynamic free will stands out most in the material sense. Why are we moved towards either good or bad and more importantly, what is destiny. While we struggle to execute our will to do good and to refrain from evil, we are facing a larger spiritual realm. The realm that is ultimately responsible for our existence. This collaboration or interaction of the free will with outside spiritual forces or God, is what ultimately defines our destiny. While we employ our free will with the most care and sense of ownership, it is a higher spiritual realm that decides the mover's true destiny. Alas, the mover, irrespective of its material form, supersedes the material world and enters the spiritual realm. Hence, our destiny can be largely attributed to our contact and communication with the spiritual realm that we call upon to ensure our well-being, safety and progress. We also ask that in death or separation, we receive God's light and mercy, that is responsible for our well-being and fulfillment of desires on earth, that may also be achieved exponentially when our spirit is released. If all the material world is an illusory good, then it is easy to conclude or believe that the absence of the material world can become an everlasting good or God.

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