Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prayer, Matter, Space and Time

Since we have largely concluded that matter, space and time are one and denote the importance of a supernatural beginning and end such as God, let us turn to the value of prayer. What is prayer? Prayer is prostration or supplication to the supernatural entity to preserve our souls for eternity. While we pray that our material being is well-guarded and well-preserved in the natural, our prayers are ultimately intended for our greater salvation in the afterlife or to attain paradise. Prayer has enormous value for the mover in the spatial dynamic. Since matter and space are one and time necessitates material existence and life and death, we rely on prayer to preserve our eternal selves. Since reality is only defined by an infinite set of possibilities that are obligated by a material causal action that is finite, thus prayer becomes the only action that is infinite. Why - because the mover has relegated himself to an eternal future in the process. Thus, prayer calls upon God to hear our prayers and grant us salvation in the material world and the afterlife. What happens to the mover that is so concerned with its material well-being on the planet once it transcends its material confines? It returns to God and through prayer has remembered God during his material existence, which presents an inherent fallacy and thus guides himself to truth. If the material world did not remember God, it would not exist since material operations rely fully on supernatural elements. While the material life can only grant us finite pleasures, it seems prayer is an infinite pleasure since it bestows the attainment of infinite happiness in the material life and afterlife. Time spent on prayer is quality time since time also is only confinement of our material selves or is illusory. Time is the lock on the door that requires the turn of a key to open the treasures locked within that would be apparent if the door did not exist. We observe natural laws which utilize time best to fulfill material obligations which produce and preserve life. Thus, prayer is the best utilization of our time and further, assures a positive life experience. It would also seem that the truest function of the material being is prostration. And so much more is gained by prayer and time is never idle.

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