Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purchase College . . . A Good Choice for the Aspiring Student

I've been meaning to devote a personal blog to SUNY's Purchase College. I was there on a visit a short while ago and was very impressed by the school and all it had to offer. Having undergone privatized college education, which was very expensive, I have a keen interest in low cost educational choices for young adults. Further, as a long time educator, I have met with many students who dropped out of school at an early age - which, always makes me wonder whether they might be intimidated by college altogether or that their families cannot afford higher education - and they feel overburdened or embarrassed. This is a great concern for all Americans. And you can't blame them - as someone who has incurred exorbitant debt as a result of his higher education experience, the feeling is mutual. Among other things, alternatives to a private college education include CUNY and SUNY. I have family members who have attended both CUNY and SUNY schools and they have fared nicely in their professional lives. Purchase College seems to stand out most in my mind. It is nestled quietly in the hills of Westchester County, which is only a short distance from New York City and it boasts a large, sprawling campus with modern facilities. Mind you, I was only there for a short while and it did leave a strong impression. Moreover, if you're interested in the arts like me, Purchase is the school for you - to pursue your artistic goals at a reasonable cost. It's a great commuter school for New Yorkers and likewise, founded by a famous New Yorker, Nelson Rockefeller. When you enter the campus, you will first notice the ample parking space and queer, contemporary garden sculptures. The campus welcomes you warmly and unlike other colleges, it's not too overcrowded or cluttered with buildings and annexes but formed mostly at the juncture of a long undulating path that takes you through the heart of the campus and provides easy access to all the major buildings. I was most impressed by the fact that the school houses the Neuberger Museum of Art, a contemporary museum that delivers diverse arts education and cultural programs throughout the region. You can only think of all the ways a fully operational teaching museum on campus can do for the up and coming student. This is a wonderful aspect of the college. Aside from the overall aesthetic appeal of the campus, there is also a Performing Arts Center, which serves the entire region and is a perfect venue for students to collaborate, perform and take part in numerous cultural events. This is WAY better than sitting around in a residence hall or student lounge and provides a wonderful outlet to enhance the overall educational experience. Looking back, this would be unimaginable when I attended college. In short, Purchase is a great choice for many students who are interested in arts and humanities subjects and worth a visit for the would-be college grad seeking a quality four-year education. What I like most about Purchase - is that it can nurture the student during a formative time in their lives and provides a unique platform to elevate the educational experience through a greater focus on a single academic discipline, thereby promoting that desired area. More power to Purchase!

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