Saturday, October 31, 2009

Faith, Time and The Will of God

Faith and time are very important concepts and go hand in hand. They also guide our existence. Why is time so important? In a three-dimensional world, a one-dimensional, biological being is subservient only to time. We live and we die and in between, we can only have faith. When time ceases to exist, so will humankind and the world. This is not doomsday reckoning - it is simply an acknowledgement. God knows no time. He sees the entire parade as a whole, while the onlooker can only see a single float at a time. Thus, while the parade of our lives passes by, so too we perish with the passage of time. While we walk great distances, we are also standing still, forever at the mercy of the gravitational pull of a planet that is our only salvation. Why? Time is the key - worship and the will of God govern us to pay homage to time and ultimately, God who creates something from nothing. Time knows no bounds. Every strand, string, molecule or atom is subject to the grand design that only points to a higher being that calls us to worship him with our will and freedom. We do not control time, only ourselves - it guides us only because we control our faith. Our faith is our key to everlasting life. Our worship is intended to unlock the mysteries of faith so we can step into a divine realm and live as noble, God-fearing creatures. Once we enter that realm, we also receive divine love and time does not bear such a heavy yoke and the light of God touches our souls and we see more clearly and live our lives in a blessed, eternal way. The light of dreams and the reins of time, and the blessing of God are near to us as is the shoes on our feet and all that is needed is to reach for our toes in an act of submission. Worship and life everlasting is granted - idleness leads to more disbelief and we drift further from God. So let us embrace time with open arms and welcome the opportunity to use that time in the worship of God alone - that is the only way, the way of the good shepherd, the way of the carpenter, the way of the fisherman, the way of the slave, the way of the master, the way of the prophet and the way of the far wanderer.

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