Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hope Is Lost . . .

Hope is one of the greatest virtues and stands together with love. Hope is lost when the agents of hopelessness exact upon the world a heavy toll. The pavilion of hope under which all humanity stands is riddled and compromised when any of the following occurs:

1. When a mother cannot care for her young and a child starves out of wantonness.
2. When wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few who dictate how that wealth should be administered based on personal whim rather than servitude to God.
3. When men are murdered and criminality and economic hardship plague the land.
4. When children fail in schools and education fails to advance and edify them in the proper way.
5. When men do not worship or pray to a unified God.
6. When language becomes an impediment to communication and we cannot embrace one another as brothers and sisters.
7. When history fails to teach us how to live our lives and rectify our actions.
8. When imperialism of any stripe sweeps across the globe and war is declared on innocent civilians who cannot defend themselves.
9. When centuries-old culture is trampled under the feet of imperialist aggression and political skulduggery.
10. When moral leadership is scarce in the world and the light that gloweth in the bosom of our hearts no longer inflames our soul.

That is when hope is lost and we cease to be children of God and the world is no longer is our refuge.

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