Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Knowing Cafe

Welcome to the Knowing Cafe, a forum where student learners can acquire exceptional tutoring services online and the opportunity to publish their student achievement as an ongoing affirmation of their professional tutoring experience. The Knowing Cafe celebrates "knowledge" foremost, which is deeply rooted in the overall human experience that recalls historical and cultural events that form the basis for modern dialectics and "Cafe", a place to cultivate ideas and thoughts in a free and open manner. Students and tutors are asked to come together and utilize the site to enhance their academic experience, engage in critical thinking and most of all, take part in an online tutoring clearinghouse that combines the joyous process of publishing with expert tutoring to motivate young learners and maximize their academic growth and achievement. All of us at the Knowing Cafe and our future members are excited for this opportunity to establish a clearinghouse of student work that celebrates professional and student achievement with curious minds online. So in the spirit of the Knowing Cafe, join us over a cup of knowledge and embark on the process of knowing, a magical and extraordinary journey across a vast intellectual landscape that has shaped much of our collective thought and progress. In the words of one famous Sufi poet, "I sought a soul in the sea, and found a coral there; beneath the foam for me, an ocean was all laid bare."

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