Friday, January 27, 2012


How can you know me, when I don't even understand myself.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Interstate Faith Walks

I propose conducting interstate faith walks.  An organized movement to unite the growing number of mega-churches and places of worship throughout the country.  These collective migrations can bring masses of people together from all walks of life, to share their faith across state lines.  In the spirit of the million man march of the 60's but on a smaller scale, such movements can organize worshipers from all faiths to peacefully assemble, gather and march across the country to deliver a faith promise and act of religious praise.  These peaceful migrations can lead to a greater understanding among peoples of all faiths and unite communities of interest.  Church leaders can assemble these peaceful migrations, and bring thousands of people to unite, share their common faith experience, undergo a historic rebirth, unite families and lineages, enhance dialogue between peoples of all faiths, cultures, state affiliation or background, and bring a greater appreciation for faith, God and scripture throughout the country and beyond.  This can be a highly inspirational experience for people to go outside of their comfort zone and reach out to other cities and towns to sew seeds of understanding, knowing, and trust between diverse cultures and create long-standing ties with citizen's of other states who may share common history, faith , language and origin with their stateside counterparts.  These special walks can take place between major cities across safe and designated routes, such as between Chicago and New York, New York and Detroit, Atlanta and DC, and other inner cities and towns that are most vulnerable to the deterioration of religious and family values.  On these trips, people can choose to march the entire way or travel by charter buses for longer distances and convene at state parks, national lawns or local churches to spread and deliver their interfaith message.  By connecting with neighboring cities and towns, churches and mosques, temples and monasteries can begin a process of healing, and self-discovery, and form lasting bonds with citizens' and long-lasting faith friendships as receivers and deliverers.  Such events can be uplifting both spiritually and physically, removing citizens from the mundane, everyday work and city life, to connect with diverse communities and spread a message of enlightenment and goodwill.  These wonderful and restorative walks can expand horizons, increase church productivity, raise needed capital and religious endowment, advertise and promote and enable people to strengthen bonds, trace historic roots, and find spiritual peace and comfort and greater purpose in their spiritual work and daily life, forming bonds that can last over a lifetime and generations.  Such events can lead to a greater appreciation for the value of pilgrimage such as the Muslim's Hajj or Holy Land tours.  Why not conceive a nation that can connect its religious followers beyond state lines in a creative, spiritual, uplifting and supernatural way and revive brotherly and spiritual love beyond state borders with the greatest impact.  I propose Interstate Faith Walks to reawaken a sense of religious freedom throughout the land.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pyar Khi Yaad (Love's Memory)

Itnah pyar kartah hu meh tumseh,
Keh jeh nah bareh, pyar karteh weh tumseh,
Itnah pyar kartah hu meh tumseh,
Key zindaagi bhi hai ek fanah,
keh kaabi nah pyar kar saku meh tumseh.

Trans.  Love's Memory

So much love I have for you.
That it can never be enough, no matter how much I love you,

So much love I have for you,
That even life is like a bitter death,
to consider never being able to love you again.

Kalah Pyar (Black Love)

Kalah pyar,
Kar is dil ko sansaar,
Kaabi ho nah inkaar,
Nah mah neh woh haar,
Yeh merah kalah pyar.

Trans.  Black Love

Black love,
That rends the heart asunder,
Let it never detract,
Nor accept defeat,
That is my black love.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kalai Ansoo (Black Tears)

Yeh kalai ansoo hai kamzor,
Yeh kalai ansoo hai kamzor,
Woh kal kah dukh, aaj nah rahah,
jaab diyah in khali ankho peh zhor.

Translation.  Black Tears

These black tears are weak,
These black tears are weak,
The grief that passed, hath not endured,
Whither, those empty eyes can weep no more.


Moments are finite.  The future is infinite.