Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Happens

What can happen,
What should happen,
What might happen,
What could happen,
What may happen,
What would happen,
What did happen,
What has happened,
What will happen,
What won't happen,
What can't happen,
May never happen
Whatever happened,
Could never happen,
or forever happen,
What happened?

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Can See

I can see . . .
in passing,
in waiting,
in laughing,
and playing,
in playgrounds,
in places,
in schoolyards,
and spaces,
of traces,
of people,
of all different races,
in barrooms,
in foyers,
in hallways,
like voyeurs,
at rest stops,
in bookshops,
in stations,
and boardwalks,
in alleys,
and boardrooms,
in smoke-shops,
and showrooms,
on sidewalks,
in handsomes,
at Nordstrom, 
in stanchions,
at airports,
and subways,
in taxis,
on roadways,
at ballparks,
at ballgames
at drive-ins,
in car lanes,
and somewhere,
I can see everywhere . . .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rebuild Travers Park

Dear Jackson Heights Green Alliance:

Please take a moment to visit my page, Rebuild Travers Park http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebuild-Travers-Park/167078183369634. There is a leak in the dam, and I need to poke some holes into all of our efforts. I have lived across the street from Travers Park for more than twenty years. The meager renovations that have undermined our collective wisdom of how the city should rebuild this park, leave me to be frustrated at the lack of planning and commitment, i.e., Daniel Dromm and Adrienne Benepe. The recent renovations were paltry in the face of the needs of this community and its potential to serve its residents. I propose rebuilding Travers Park and reallocating vital space for revitalization and beautification. Even The Friends need to recognize that expanding the park is not the answer nor the cry to go green. We need to understand the needs of the community and outsiders cannot help us but ourselves. Closing the sidewalk to add a playstreet is not the answer nor appropriating space from nearby Garden School. Travers Park is unsafe and grossly misallocates space. It's one major defect, the concrete field that attracts noise and loitering, lacks proper goalines or guideposts, creates a risk for passersby and pedestrians who can be hit by errant baseballs, or crashing into running children or soccer players, is an anathema for our community. This field is an eyesore and misappropriates vital space that could be used to rebuild our community. Please take a moment to visit my page, and see how I propose to rebuild Travers Park to make it safer, improve the quality of life for our community, sensitive to resident's needs, geography, population, age and location of Jackson Heights, and ultimately appropriate unused park space for the public good. Please join me, sign our petition, give us your feedback, support rebuilding Travers Park in a conscientious and comprehensive way, not only touting green communities but allocating vital space for the community's betterment and improve the overall quality of life. We need to envision a better Travers Park that is more accountable to our reality.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ameer aur Ghareeb

Ameer aur ghareeb,
Rah dhoor aur kareeb,
Ek khumar ek sharif
Kaar farayb yah farid,
Ameer aur ghareeb,
Ek ghulam, ek hanif,
Ho khilaaf yah khalif
Rah doh ek latif, 
Joh hai ameer aur ghareeb.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rasteh Katkeh

Rasteh katkeh,
Jaab ho nah khatkeh,
Yeh darb keh jhatkeh,
Kaar mitti keh matkeh,
Raasteh katkeh,

Jaab dil bataktha,
Kuch bojh nah halkah,
Ku tum saath ho nah sakteh,
Jaab dekhah palatkeh
Chal, chal pir hatkeh,
Rasteh katkeh.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jannat ki Pariah (Punjabi poetry)

Jannat ki pariah,
Kah raati, kyah kariah,
Kah hoti, kah pehriyah,
Un sonoh ki mehaliyah,
Dekho jaab chaliyah,
Chand ki woh kaliyah,
Chang aur behaliyah,
Kaar hawaah hoh meh sehriyah,
Jannat ki pariah,
Kyah bolti, kyah galiyah,
Chu keh woh dehriyah,
Kaar shaan aur semaliyah,
Jannat ki pariah,
Wo asmaan ki sehaliyah,
Bol pyaar ki pehaliyah,
Joh hoh jannat ki pariah.

Translation.  Angels in Paradise

Angels in paradise
Where do they live,
Where do they wander?
In castles of gold.
They walk,
With silver on their ankles,
They are fit companions.
Floating in the wind,
Angels in paradise
Do they speak, what words?
When they touch the water,
They make it sparkle.
Those friends in the sky,
Telling love stories, 
Those are the angels in paradise.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sleep Stations

What are sleep stations?  These can be wonderful places where people can take a break from the hectic pace of life to get a few minutes of longer rest or sleep.  Especially in big cities where sleep deprivation can be a common problem, sleep stations can be a healthy lifestyle choice.  Have too much on your mind, have too much to do during the day, aren't getting enough sleep, or just pushing yourself too hard, then a sleep station can be the perfect place for you to feel revived and rested.  Sleep stations can be perfectly customized  for inducing sleep and be fitted with comfort beds and pillows, activated by massage technology and meditation music that makes sleep a priority.  They could be located in busy commercial and business centers where people are most likely to be underrested due to the fast, and hectic pace of life.  And on highways, where drivers can utilize sleep stations whenever they need to stop for a period of rest.  There can be room service options for you to snack while you're sleeping, entertainment consoles with sleep inducing media, and everything operable by remote control.  You can stay as long as you like since sleep is an important aspect of life and no one should be deprived of adequate sleep.  If you find yourself tired at work or dozing off on the train or are putting yourself at overall risk due to lack of sleep, then a sleep station can be a highly desirable option.  Think about it. People would be generally more cheerful; drivers would be less prone to accidents on the road; and efficiency at home or at work would increase.  People would be better able to face daily challenges and experience life with a fresher perspective.  They would experience better health since most illnesses can be attributed to lack of sleep.  People that don't sleep much or sleep very often, are more likely to suffer from health problems such as heart disease or cancer.  Sleep is essential for healing the body and recovering from physical activity or exertion.   Office workers, law enforcement, municipal, state or city employees who are probably working too many hours or are not getting adequate sleep would be most likely to benefit.  Your boss could offer you sleep points that you can redeem at sleep stations, whenever you need to catch up on sleep and work performance would improve.  We would also be more conscientious of our own health when we understand that we cannot live without adequate sleep.  Let us then drift off to a world of dreams and overcome and experience the eternity of sleep by emphasizing sleep as a world cure.