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Why do I sometimes feel like I would spend $60 rather than break a $50 bill?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Julius Caesar

I had a chance to catch an old Hollywood remake of Julius Caesar on TV the other night with all the pomp and revelry of classic English cinema. The inimitable John Gielgud starred in the title role and Charlton Heston played the part of Antony. I have to say this film brings Shakespeare to life in a big way. What an epic. If you hate reading the bard in school, watch this film. It might ignite some passion for this classic genre in your soul. I'd have to go back and watch other film versions of the play (including Brando's version) but it may not surpass my ovation for this film. Be warned - the film is graphic and does not hide the brutal aspects of the murder regicide - the scene is quite dramatic and unbearable to watch. Richard Johnson as Cassius stands out most. He is also one of the last surviving actors of this precious film and should be rightfully praised while he is still living. I have to say he is one of the best and most powerful performances I've ever seen on stage and screen.